Together we electors can rebuild.  We have had three years of rancour and division.  Inequality is rampant.  Globalism and neo-liberalism have been good for many but disastrous for many more.  This website was created in 2016 in preparation for the election that was lost in 2019.  Or was it lost?  We now have a Prime Minister who is calling for One Nation politics and healing.  Perhaps under Boris Johnson we can overcome the divisions and can at last deal with:-

  • People feeling uncared for –  that politics doesn’t work for them.
  • Ineffective government and incompetent politicians who are out of touch and achieve little
  • Giving people control over improving their lives

Let’s work together to set the country right.  Become a Centrist; help REALLY rebuild a thriving, effective and compassionate society

Our decision-making process will ensure that the people’s voice is heard on all the issues,  all the problems, all the reforms

An annual report will allow citizens to judge our performance on improving well-being.

We have a comprehensive programme to  deal with ALL the issues – and we can