Our Programme

In this Programme we set out how we might determine the consensus and take the decisions to move towards it.  It is set out as a logical analysis from the truism that everyone wants to be happy down to a programme of proposed actions to make sure people are happy.

We have considered  the role and purpose of Government and how we know when the Government is doing a good job;  what policies we should set as the continuing aims of Government; how we make decisions and ensure consensus;  how the Government should organise itself to fulfil those aims; and how we can report on their performance allowing the electorate to make an informed judgement.

What problems can be observed currently in the provision of services to fulfil these aims?  And so what strategic initiatives are required to address those problems in order to improve the lot of the citizen?  We give our view here.  But the beauty of our methodology is that any improvement can be added in at any time.

These strategic initiatives are the proposed actions to ensure people’s well-being so collectively they form the Manifesto of the Centrist Party.  Note that only some of these initiatives are quick fixes.  We can solve all the problems (although over time further opportunities or problems will continually arise) but we can’t solve all of them quickly.  Haste and short-termism have in the past simply given rise to further future problems and complexity.  The strategic initiatives aim to simplify and solve each of the problems once and for all – not least because they aim to implement the consensus solution.

The Programme is structured following the 13 Department proposed organisation structure.  For a description of the most important in initiatives see The First Five Years

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