Candidates and Officers

To set up our organisation we need:-

  • A Leader
  • 650 Candidates
  • An Operations Director
  • A Membership Director
  • A Finance Director
  • An IT & Social Media Director
  • A Press Relations Director
  • Several Council Members
  • 8 Regional Directors
  • 65 Area Directors
  • 650 Constituency Organisers
  • 1 million members!

To apply for any of the Candidate or Officer vacancies tell us why it should be you by sending an outline of your experience to


Party Discipline

Because we have no party line, no ideology, there is little in which we would want members to be disciplined.  Indeed we welcome breadth of opinion as a means of ensuring that the best options are identified and evaluated in decision making.

The only values that we would require members to uphold are:-

  • Respect for democracy
  • Belief in constructive, civilised debate in politics rather than unnecessary confrontation
  • Belief that the consensus must be sought by whatever consultation method is appropriate to the matter in hand
  • Acceptance of Council’s decision on matters of Programme and organisation.