Making it Happen

Clear goals and competent management  are all that is required to bring in Centrist reforms – to make it happen.

Centrists don’t seek to gain power to impose their will, they seek to serve the people, to do what an informed and engaged electorate wants.  Once this principle is established political debate will be more constructive – challenging but not adversarial,  aimed at seeking the best means of achieving the agreed goal.  Co-operative politics is the future.

The reforms that we make have to be rational and widely accepted.  We need to apply a consistent decision making process that involves the community to come to reasonable conclusions that most people will support.  Achieving a consensus is fundamental.

One of the biggest changes is also one of the simplest.  The Civil Service employs many of the best brains in the country.  By better organisation and management we will set these brains free to improve our lives, to create better services, to  reduce cost and to perform better.

We will have a rational programme of reforms, properly managed to successful implementation.  The main ones are set out in this section, the full programme is explained in greater detail in Our Programme

In This Section

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  1. Hello, i have taken the political test i find that you scored me each way out of 10, this means your scope is ten, mine since I am a muslim is 12, so it would differ.The centre for you is 5, Islam is 6, so I am slightly of centre in the Uk, recalibration will be difficult.

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