Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Policy Statement

We will provide the environment in which British businesses can flourish to provide employment and increasing incomes for British citizens.

Performance Reporting

An annual report including a qualitative survey among a cross-section of business people as to the service provided.

Strategic Initiatives

Appropriate regulation

Regulation is a question of balance – we need it but it should not be onerous.  We will, over a long period, review all regulation to simplify and explain the need for it to ensure better compliance.

1 year: We will set up a programme of continual improvement

5 years:  We will implement the programme

A programme to encourage training to dramatically enhance skills

The standard of living of our citizens depends crucially on the skills that they have.  In the past few decades we have allowed skills to deteriorate and we need a big push to reinstate a culture of continual training.

100 days: We will commission a work group to address the issue

1 year: We will set the terms of reference for the project

5 years: We will approve the findings and implement the proposed measures.

With FCO and through the UN regulate the power of multi-nationals

There are many problems which can only be addressed by international co-operation.  The regulation of multi-national companies is one of the more difficult of these since (a) many such companies are economically larger than several small countries, (b) the regulating countries all have different laws and tax systems and (c) each multi-national has a country of residence to protect it.  This is not an easy win but we can start.

1 year: We shall test the water holding discussions with a few key countries to see the extent of agreement and appetite for concerted action – possibly based upon the requirement for a carefully defined independent Social Responsibility Audit with the sanction for failing being the loss of the company’s licence to operate.

5 years and longer term:  We shall make a plan for joint action and implement it

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