Department for Food and Agriculture

Policy Statement

We will ensure that efficient agriculture and food distribution systems deliver good, reasonably priced food in adequate quantities in both normal and emergency circumstances.

Performance Reporting

Annual report on food supply – rate of inflation in food prices, adequacy of supply and quality, preparedness for crisis.

Strategic Initiatives

Review strategy particularly on land ownership and technology

There are no major or urgent issues in this area but there might be scope for improvement particularly in the industrialisation of farming

1 year:  We will commission a review of the industry with fairly broad terms of reference to explore for potential improvements.

5 years:  We would expect to approve findings, ensure that there is general agreement to the recommendations and implement them.

Review crisis plan

It has been said that any society is always only three meals away from anarchy.  The security of food supply is of fundamental importance – and too easy to take for granted.

5 years:  We will commission a review of our crisis plans to ensure an adequate food supply in face of all foreseeable situations.

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