Department for the Environment, Land Use, Transport and Utilities

Policy Statement

We will protect and manage the land as a source of pride and amenity for present and future generations.

Performance Reporting

An annual report including a survey among British citizens as to the effectiveness of the department.

Strategic Initiatives

Merge the Departments of the Environment and Transport and various functions together to form a new Department of the Environment, Land Use, Transport and Utilities

Various existing departments have an impact on land use and it will be a significant re-organisation to create a new department and focus their attention on the importance of protecting the only land we’ve got.  So we do not expect a lot of visible improvement in the short term.

100 days: We will set broad parameters for the new merged department

1 year:  We will implement the merger and initiate the required annual report

Review strategy to become more customer focused and co-ordinated on land use

1 year:  We will review existing strategies from within the component parts of the new department

5 years:  We will create a new coherent strategy for joined up land care.  Which we will then implement.

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